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Beauty, art and fashion have been a very important part of my life from a very young age. I find inspiration everywhere I go and have an ability to turn everything I touch into my own creation somehow. My love for makeup stems from my expereince as a tradtional artist, (hello Art school...) needless to say, I love drawing and painting! I love the creaminess of oil paint contrasted with the sheer washes of color with watercolor pigments. Learning how to translate my techniques into my makeup artistry has allowed me to feed my inner artist while juggling my busy married and Mom life. Gotta paint somehow!


Throughout the years, I have a refined my mild obsession with my attention to detail, to see each client is a new canvas and I can get lost in the beauty of their eyes and I love to create a fresh complexion that looks healthy and amazing in person and photography beautifully on camera. 


Through my work I have been blessed to collaborate and work with some of the best wedding vendors in the Kansas City wedding market. Which has resulted in being featured in various publications, fashion shows and Photoshoots within.  My list of clients include Kansas City top luxury wedding planners, Photographers, Realtors, Doctors and Law professionals for headshots and TV segments. Models, Actors and famous Musicians for live shows and Film. 

Between photoshoots during the week and weddings on the weekend, I love to hang out at home with my husband of 15 years and 3 kids. A recovering introvert has gotta recharge somehow.


​With a love, albiet an obsession,  for high end cosmetics, (Chanel, Dior, TomFord and Charlotte Tilbury along with my tried and true most loved products) and gemaphobe level of cleaning and concern for my clients and the contents of my kit, I offer an elevated experience for each of my Clients. From Celebrity to Mother of the Bride.


2021 Brides** Please inquire for my availbility, as I only take on alimited number of Weddings each year.